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RHBaits have 4 key high quality boilie ranges including: 


 Simply Red is a firm favourite amongst our customers and for good reason. This bait contains a blend of the very best fishmeals available on the market today. These are used at the highest optimum levels and combined with various milled bird foods and natural spices along side various other soluble powders to create a super soluble and digestible bait that releases it’s attractors readily. On top of this is a blend of flavours and natural liquids are added to give you a bait with no compromise on quality.


Old English Toffee is made using the very best milk proteins combined with top quality tiger nut products with a mix of bird foods and a few closely guarded secrets, all which are very soluble ingredients to ensure a controlled release of attraction once in contact with water. To this we then add a blend of oils and to finish off we add a beautiful sweet toffee extract. Use all year round with 100% confidence.


The Edge is a firm favourite of Robs catching fish upto 65lb in the UK and numerous big fish from the likes of Cassien and Rainbow.

 At it’s core it’s a highly digestible quality fishmeal bait that uses a blend of the finest fishmeals available alongside milled bird foods and natural spices combined with various other soluble powders. This creates a highly soluble bait that releases various amino acids into the water column. To compliment the basemix we have  incorporated high levels of a totally unique liquid food that simply cannot be purchased by any other company and is totally unique to us!.

 The Edge is a bait that has an incredibly attractive profile that is both subtle and super attractive and has a big fish reputation to boot!. 

 Use with 100% confidence.


 Wicked Tuna is rolled on a combination basemix that contains the highest quality fishmeal, milk proteins and quality birdfoods. Alongside this is our very own unique blend of spices. This bait also contains huge levels of liquid food attractors and a highly stimulatory Tuna flavour to give you a bait that is packed with both nutrition and attraction!


All Products are made fresh at our custom built factory based at the Monument Fishery complex. With an onsite shop open all week! 

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